It’s never enough for my wife. No matter what I do for her, she will not be pleased. I’ve already done everything I can think of to make her forgive me. Being the one who had made a mistake, I want to have our relationship back in the past. But it seems like it will never happen again because she will not forgive me and I don’t blame her for doing that. If I had just been faithful to her, this would not happen at all. She decided that he would not talk to me at all which I understand but still should be a good thing if she would forgive me.

What happened to his sister and me was not all my mistake. Her sister seduced me, but it’s too late for explanation now. Nothing I can say would ever change her mind anymore, and I’m going with that. If I was the one who was faithful and my wife was the one who has been sleeping with other men I would not ever forgive her. That is how the world works, and I have to accept that I’ve made a huge mistake in my life and cause me, my wife. My wife’s parents got furious at me that they attempted to kill me thankfully. There were not successful in their attempt. All my friends told me that I should report his parents to the police, but I don’t have the energy for that anymore. My friends are afraid that they would attempt to kill me again that I’m pretty confident that it would not happen again. I understand that it was all because of their anger and me and now they already have the time to cool of their heads. Me sleeping with both of their daughters must have caused them a lot of shame.

I can only imagine the hate and anger they feel towards me. I should have not that stupid mistake, and now I’m paying tithe consequences for that. My life got ruined entirely due to that scandal. Now I’m terrified of the future because karma is going to get me I’m sure of that. All I can do is prepare for the worst and brace myself. All I can do now is to move on with my life and hope that someday they would find it in their hearts to forgive me even if what I did was unforgivable. Only Brompton escort from accepted me after that event. Brompton escorts did not care about my past, and I’m pleased and thankful for Brompton escorts for helping me.