It is hard to work in the escorts industry sometimes, and finding the right agency to work for is important. Before I worked at Basildon escorts in north London, I used to work in central London. It was a real dog eat dog type of situation, and the girls were really bitchy. It was also a very expensive place to live, and I just managed to scrape by. In the end, I had to work in a lap dance club for a bit of extra cash. One night I met my boss at this agency when I was out shopping. He didn’t know that I was an escort, and offered me a job as a dancer in club in London. A couple of weeks later he found out that I used to escort, and he got me this job.

I love working for Basildon escorts from My boss is really great and I earn a lot more money here than I just to do in central London. Okay, it is cheaper to live in Basildon and I am finally beginning to save a bit of money. I wish I would have found this job first of all but that wasn’t the way things went. My boss at the agency, Joe, is really great and we get on ever so well. He is a lot of fun to be with and he makes us all laugh. As a matter of fact, I think that he is a bit of a nut case but I don’t think he can help that. It was just the way the man was made. A lot of the girls at the agency really fancy him, but he is married with two little girls so that is a complete no go area. His wife used to be a pole dancer, and she is a nice lady as well.

All of the girls that I work with here at Basildon escorts are nice. They are not bitchy like the girls that I worked with in town. There is more of a sense that you work together, and I feel better here. When we have finished our working week, some of us go out. You can’t see all of your friends at Basildon escorts at the same time as we all work in different shifts. That is really the only problem but you can always get around that, Joe is always very flexible with his schedules.

I am not so sure how long I am going to continue to work for Basildon escorts. It is a great job but I am dreaming about becoming a beautician. We do have a beauty college here in Basildon and I am trying to save enough money to be able to go there. If I do this well for another year or two, I should be able to go to beauty college. It sounds like quite a good career, and I know a couple of former escorts who have made a success of themselves as beauticians and therapists with their own shops.